WIX Review

Top 10 Wix Things You Need to Know About

As you know, Wix is one of the most popular platforms for creating your own websites. This article will examine this platform with maximum detail.

This review discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of Wix. Thus, you will clearly understand whether this platform is suitable for creating your website, or if you need to look for something else.

1. What is Wix?

The Wix platform is a special service through which ordinary users who do not have programming skills can quickly create and populate their own website.

The company has a staff of 1,800 employees. About 100 million people use Wix services. In addition to the main office in Israel (where the company was established 13 years ago), Wix has offices in 8 countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, India, Brazil, Ukraine, etc.

Wix provides its user with sufficient guarantees. You can be absolutely sure that one day the company will not close, and your website hosted on a cloud service will not disappear with it. In addition, there is a constant updating of the functionality, thanks to which it becomes more convenient to use the service every year.

Can I depend on the full functionality of my website created on Wix?

With Wix, you can create high-quality websites, making it easy and simple. The interface is designed in such a way that to form a resource, you simply drag your own elements to the ready template.

With the Wix platform, you can:

– create your own blogs;

– post forums;

– create online stores;

– create forms for booking various services;

– etc.

However, not all functionality is free. To add some features you have to pay a certain amount.

2. Paid and Free Wix Plans

The company offers 1 free plan and 8 paid. Basically, to solve the problem of creating your own resource from scratch, it is enough to use the free offer. However, to achieve larger goals of a professional nature, it is recommended to switch to a paid rate.

The free plan has a number of limitations. For example, you cannot connect an individual domain, but you will use the address that Wix offers. Also, you will not be able to receive payments for your services or products, as well as use external e-mail.

The amount of content that you can store on your site is also limited, as is the bandwidth of the site.

Each selected plan includes free hosting. The price is set and increased depending on the additional functionality.

Free plan

Wix offers its users to take advantage of 500 free templates, hosted on free hosting. In addition, at your disposal a huge number of free and paid graphic elements and plug-ins.

A storage capacity of 500 MB and a capacity of 1 GB is a great opportunity to start a new project. When you create a website on a free plan, you do not even have to enter your credit card details. Thus, completely free of charge, you can create a trial version of a new resource, test it, and then leave it in this form or extend the functionality for a fee.

Plan without advertising

For a monthly payment of $ 13, you have the opportunity to get rid of the intrusive advertising of Wix on your site. In addition, the Combo plan allows you to connect your own domain. Storage capacity is increased to 3 GB, and the bandwidth of the site – up to 2 GB.

Another advantage of the Combo plan is the ability to upload videos of up to 30 minutes to your website. For many it is much more convenient to use the services of YouTube for these purposes, so it is difficult to say how useful this function is.

Unlimited tariff plan

For a monthly payment of $ 17 there is an additional option – “Advertising vouchers” in the amount of $ 300. Vouchers can be spent on advertising offers from Google Ads, Local Listing, Bing Ads. However, this option is not something unique, other services also offer similar services.

In order to increase search engine optimization using an unlimited plan, you can use a third-party AppSharp application.

Storage capacity increases to 10 GB, bandwidth is unlimited. As for downloading video files, the unlimited rate allows you to upload videos up to 60 minutes.

Plan Pro

The functionality of this plan (monthly payment of $ 22) is expanding. You can create logos yourself using a special tool, customize integration with social networks, and manage calendar events. The size of storage and downloaded video increases.

VIP plan

The functionality of the VIP plan, the monthly cost of which is $ 39, is almost the same as in Pro. The only difference is the priority support of Wix users. This moment is a little alarming. What quality of service can you expect if you don’t pay an extra $ 17?

Basic business

This plan for $ 23 per month in its functionality is similar to unlimited, but the storage capacity is 2 times larger. You can also upload videos up to 5 hours. A useful feature is the ability to connect the Google Analytics service. Of the tariff plans that facilitate the process of e-commerce, it is the cheapest and most affordable, but multifunctional.

Unlimited business plan

This plan costs $ 4 a month more than the previous one. Due to this, the user has the opportunity to create logos, as well as use the storage in the amount of 35 GB. You can also upload videos up to 10 hours.

Business VIP

The package with priority user support removes restrictions on the number of hours of video uploaded. Storage capacity is increased to 50 GB. The cost of the plan is $ 35 per month.

Corporation plan

The corporate version of the Wix platform is available for $ 500 per month. The functionality coincides with the VIP plan for $ 49, however, this tariff includes unlimited expert support and project support during the creation and after the assembly of the site. All questions that interest you regarding the design, the arrangement of the elements, the functionality of the program codes, etc. solved quickly and efficiently. Experts are always in touch via a dedicated line.


When using the Wix platform offers several options for registering a domain name. You can connect your own domain or register it via Wix. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages.

Hosting without choice

As for hosting, your website without options will be hosted on Wix hosting, you can’t move it to another place. The company guarantees uninterrupted service, stating that it has servers around the world. Conveniently or not – you decide personally.

Wix Mailboxes

There are several options for using mailboxes. This may be a purchase through Wix, the setting of Wix domain settings, other options. Mailbox from Wix includes 30 GB volume. External mail box is not available when choosing a free tariff plan.

3. Wix templates

Wix platform users have at their disposal more than 500 free templates. This distinguishes the company from competitors who offer fewer templates, and many of them are paid.

If you decide to create your website on Wix, be sure that it will not look like «hand made». All templates look professional. They attract attention and compare favorably with professional fonts, well-chosen intervals and effects. In combination with high-quality photos, the design of your resource will look very stylish.

You ask: where can I get photos for my project? There is a large free library in Wix itself. If this is not enough, from the editor you can quickly go to the well-known Shutterstock service.

Working with templates is very easy, since everything is divided into separate groups and categories. You just need to ask in the search for the desired category (Sports, Music, Fashion, etc.), and the service will immediately offer you a list of the most suitable options.

But that is not all. Under each template, Wix has already selected the optimal fonts, patterns of text layout and graphic elements. You do not need to think hard about any administrative problems. Just add your content, and the platform will make it the right way.

And now attention. It is strongly recommended to initially determine the appropriate template. If you finish creating the project, fill it with content, and then decide that the template does not fit, you will not be able to replace it with another one without losing your work. This is one of the disadvantages of the platform, unlike competitors.

Animated elements

If necessary, you can add to your project a variety of animation effects, video backgrounds. Of course, when viewed on mobile devices, the animation will be disabled in order to improve performance. However, since the animation often causes problems on other devices, its use is not always advisable.

Interface and content management system

Wix service allows you to create a site in three different ways.

Wix ADI (design using artificial intelligence) – the most common way to create a site on this platform. The method is available to any ordinary user who does not possess either design skills or programming skills. All processes are carried out using an intuitive interface. You just drag the necessary elements into the appropriate fields of the selected template, the rest of the service does for you. Sometimes the system can ask leading questions that will help in the development of the optimal version of a web resource suitable specifically for your needs.

Wix editor

If you are a more advanced user and are familiar with at least Microsoft Word, you can create a website using the Wix Editor. This editor allows you to make certain changes to the layout, but you will not be able to fully interfere with HTML / CSS.

Wix code

Allows you to create a so-called spreadsheet. How your site’s pages look like will directly depend on the data you enter into this table. If you are far from different codes and scripts, and even the name of this function scares you, put this question aside.

Wix compatibility with mobile devices

Since over time, most users are increasingly moving to the use of mobile devices to browse sites, compatibility with gadgets is very important. Of course, the developers of Wix promise that your project will look perfect on any device. However, in practice sometimes everything is not so good.

The fact is that, unlike competitors who emphasize responsive design, Wix uses absolute positioning. Thanks to this, you can more accurately place the elements on the page. But when it comes to viewing the site on a tablet or smartphone, users may notice the absence of any parts of the project.

To solve the problem, it is recommended to initially work on the layout of the site so as to make it compatible for viewing on all devices, be sure to test your project on different gadgets.

Access to the code and export site

The simplicity and accessibility when creating a site makes Wix as attractive as possible to ordinary users. However, if you want to access the project code or transfer the resource to another provider, you cannot do this. If absolutely necessary, the site transfer is possible only by copying the content from the CMS and pasting it into another system. Of course, if you have too large a project, then this procedure will be very difficult.

5. E-commerce

Many start-up businessmen do not always trust platforms such as Wix, considering them to be “amateur”. However, why pay a lot of money to third-party developers, if you can buy a Business Basic tariff package, set up payment options and start online sales as well?

What the Wix e-commerce feature is capable of:

– unlimited sales of digital and physical goods;

– filtering and sorting of goods;

– convenient management from the smartphone;

– and much more.

With Wix it’s very convenient to sell digital products. If you already have ready offers, you can quickly create a website and start online sales within an hour. The platform helps to download products, as well as automatically sends the corresponding confirmations and email notifications.

Despite other useful features and benefits, eCommerce Wix has limitations. There is no support for dropshipping, as well as automatic recovery.

You can solve the problem by integrating special plug-ins.

Payment gateways and commissions

Wix works with 19 payment gateways, transaction fees are not charged. However, according to the recommendations of specialists, if online sales are a priority for your business, then it is better to give preference to more specialized platforms.

6. Interaction with third-party applications

In their own Wix store, users are invited to choose a large number of paid and free applications (about 300). With their help, you can significantly expand the functionality of your project, making it more convenient for visitors. There are also applications developed by third parties. You can also use insert widgets.

7. Collection of contact information

The platform has some ready-made forms for collecting customer contact information. If you wish, you can add FormBuilder to your site and use more complex forms.

E-mail marketing is one of Wix’s competitive features. With the convenient ShoutOut function you can make large mailings. If necessary, the functionality can be improved by paying extra for the premium add-on.

8. SEO optimization

Basically, the functionality of search engine optimization in Wix is ​​implemented at a decent level to perform basic and necessary SEO tasks. The user can add meta descriptions, alternate text, edit link titles, create multiple redirects. 

As a rule, the SEO optimization process can frighten newbies, however, Wix provides a convenient SEO Wiz feature that makes the setup process as easy as possible.

If you use a premium plan, SEO Wiz can also help you register your site with the Google Search Console.

As for analytics, Wix interacts well with such well-known tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, etc.

9. Privacy Policy

Visitors to any web resource need to ensure proper security and confidentiality of their data. If you violate the rights of visitors can be serious fines and penalties, so you must abide by the rules in any case.

If you are doing business with a Wix site, you must guarantee your customers the confidentiality of their data and the reliable processing and storage of data. Without the consent of the users, you should not send them electronic mailings, and existing subscribers should have the right to unsubscribe from the mailings.

Wix provides most of the features except cookie consent. You can solve the problem using third-party applications (for example, CookiePro).

10. Reference functionality

Wix has provided its users with a very convenient and detailed reference functionality. For customer support there is a large library of articles and answers to questions.

If there is no necessary answer in the Help Center, you can contact the support service and ask your question by email or by phone. Online chat in Wix is ​​not provided, but by phone sometimes provide more prompt and effective assistance.

English-speaking users of Wix can get help around the clock, Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese on weekdays. There is a callback function, and according to statistics, experts call back within 5 minutes. Owners of the VIP rate plan receive priority support.

Reasons to use the Wix platform

1. With Wix, even an inexperienced user can create a worthy and multifunctional project that visually looks stylish and professional.

2. At minimum cost, you have the opportunity to have at your disposal a website, online store, blog, forum or other resource.

3. A multi-functional resource, about which you could only dream of, and for which you would have had to pay big money, can be yours for just a few hours.

4. The site created on the Wix platform is so easy to set up and operate, that even the most inexperienced user will cope with its administration. Adding content occurs in a few clicks, as well as editing existing notes.

5. Wix has a very user friendly support system. Almost any question regarding the interface and functionality can be a complete answer from the Help and a large library of feature articles.

However, working with the Wix cloud platform has its drawbacks

1. Due to the presence of animation elements, the creation of a site can be done with certain delays. Many buttons that carry useful functions are often accompanied by some effects that not only do not contribute to the workflow, but also annoy users. The main goal is to see the end result faster, and not to enjoy the process. In addition, in anticipation of the opening of the editor, an outdated inscription often appears, which is also tired and irritating.

2. Orientation to absolute positioning, instead of responsive design, complicates the display of site content on mobile devices. And although such problems can be solved in other ways, one does not always want to be distracted by what could have been foreseen initially.

3. Choosing a template to create your site, you have to remain faithful to the end. You cannot transfer to another hosting, just as you can access the code or export a resource. If the site is large, then copy all the information and transfer it to another CMS – the process is too time consuming. In addition, you can not change another template without losing existing information, so you need to think carefully several times before choosing a template.

4. Working with Wix creates the impression of a cheap and profitable service. But when it comes to improving the functionality and adding additional options, you can see that the costs are not that small.

As a result, it can be noted that for start-up entrepreneurs or individual users with limited budgets, creating a website on Wix is ​​the best solution. Even with a standard set of functions, you can create an excellent resource and get a good profit, especially if you connect additional options. In any case, you can always test the free version of Wix before you decide on something more.

Larger companies whose main business is online sales will certainly need a more serious resource specifically designed to function in this niche.

So, the main advantages:

– easy to set up and operate;

– favorable prices for extended packages;

– a large selection of professional images;

– operational help user support by phone;

– a large selection of tariff plans;

– a large selection of free templates of professional quality design;

– multifunctionality;

– The possibility of email marketing;

– convenient adjustment of search engine optimization;

– online access to applications for enhanced functionality.


– the inability to switch to another template without losing content;

– the inability to export data for transfer to another site;

– not full compatibility with mobile devices;

– lack of support for AMP format;

– the impossibility of an accurate forecast of the final cost of the site after the expansion of the functional;

– problems with creating a cookie consent banner without using third-party plug-ins;

– additional payment for priority support.

Free versions

You can use either a free trial version of Wix, or a completely free plan, but with the periodic appearance of third-party advertising on your site.

Are there alternative platforms for Wix?

Much depends on what functions your site should perform. If the issue of e-commerce does not bother you too much and your goal is to attract users with interesting content, you can use such platforms as Jimdo and Squarespace.

In the second case, you will have at your disposal a professionally made website, adaptive for viewing on all devices, but its creation and support will be more expensive than on Wix. If you need a cheaper project, try Jimdo. In terms of its functionality, it is similar to Wix, but unlike it, it supports responsive design.

For e-commerce activities, you better get to know specialized platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce – their functionality will be more useful than the capabilities of Wix.

Another alternative to Wix is ​​Wordpress, which is a universal platform that is suitable for both content-oriented sites and e-commerce resources. However, be prepared for the fact that you have to spend more effort on its maintenance.