How to Look After Your Vacuum Flask

The vacuum flask is one of the most versatile accessories for those who love eating out. Today, you can find different types of vacuum flasks in the market. However, you can often differentiate between those that are meant to carry liquids or the ones that are in bottle or cylindrical shaped and those that are rounder and larger that are more suitable for carrying solid food such as soups, purees, and casseroles. A solid vacuum flask features a wide mouth that lets you eat directly from it.

But, it is important to remember that the vacuum is quite a fragile accessory that requires special care and treatment if you want to preserve it well for a long time. Today, you will learn about the proper basic maintenance that you need to follow for you to keep your vacuum flask flawless and perfect and prevent deterioration.

Don’t Put in the Dishwasher
Vacuum flasks are often manufactured and designed with different types of stainless steel. The inner part is often made of higher quality stainless steel to thwart the oxidation of the portion that comes into contact with the drinks or food. The exterior is often made of lesser quality materials with the goal of making the product more affordable.

It is recommended to avoid exposing the vacuum flask to high humidity and temperatures in the dishwasher. Aside from that, if your vacuum flask already has a tiny pore in its outer stainless steel and you put in a part of the dishwasher that is already rusted, the flask can develop rust as well.

Wash It by Hand
To ensure that you don’t end up damaging the stainless steel, it is also recommended that you wash your vacuum flask by hand with the use of the soft portion of the sponge. Also, it is advisable to stick with soft soap and avoid using products that contain chlorine, solvents, or whitener.

Dry Your Vacuum Flask Properly
The drying process is extremely important to prevent rust. Although the material is stainless steel, when you don’t dry your vacuum flask after you wash it, this might develop a rust dot on the small pore in the material. If you want to lengthen the lifespan of your vacuum flask, you should not only wash it carefully by hand as you also need to dry it properly and completely afterwards.

Observe Correct Storage
Aside from drying your vacuum flask thoroughly, one good storage trick to remember is to put a few pieces of kitchen paper inside the flask before you store it. You just need to crumple the paper a bit to form a ball. All you need here is a few pieces of kitchen paper.

Also, it is not really recommended for you to close the lip. Instead, you can just store the lip next to the base of your vacuum flask. You can also put it on top of the base of the vacuum flask with a kitchen paper between the lip and the base. The kitchen paper will absorb any leftover humidity and prevent bad odors as well.