Here’s How to Keep Your Baking Accessories Clean

All bakers know how important it is to clean their baking accessories and tools on a regular basis to ensure that they can continue baking delicious goodies that won’t compromise the health and taste of consumers. Failure to wash your tools for baking with leave layers of dried food stuck on them that can be a bit tricky to clean later on, not to mention that it might give your baked goods a weird smell and taste. This is why it is a must that you always clean and dry your baking accessories to prevent diseases. Listed below are some tips for cleaning all of your baking tools.

Clean Spatulas and Mixing Bowls After Every Use
There is no doubt that the best way to clean your baking accessories is to ensure that you always rinse your mixing spoons, bowls, measuring cups, and others with clean water after each use. It can help keep your tools free from batter so that cleaning later on will be easier. You can use a dishwasher for cleaning your tools afterwards.

Use Water to Wash Your Baking Accessories Before Use
Make sure that you always rinse your tools and accessories with water then dry them with clean cloth prior to using. This is because there might be a layer of dirt or dust on them that might be a bit dangerous to your baked goodies.

Dust Off Your Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer
See to it that you clean and dust off your stand mixer and hand mixer on a regular basis so that they will continue to function properly. Don’t forget to wipe down the mixer every other day. Clean the hook or whisk after each use using hot water and mild dish soap. If they are dishwasher safe, you can use your dishwasher for cleaning the mixer accessories and attachments.

Give Your Baking Stone a Good Scrub
To clean your baking stone, you can use wire bristles and hot water to remove stubborn debris and stains. Staining is normal and you can remove stains using hot water.

Clean Your Rolling Pin
You also need to clean your rolling pins. However, remember that you cannot use soap for cleaning them as this can alter the pins’ surface. What you can do instead is get rid of the stuck food particles on the rolling pin manually and use water to rinse it. You can also rub the pins with minerals every now and then and keep them dry all the time to make them last longer.

Always Dry Your Wet Baking Accessories
See to it that you use a soft and clean towel to dry your baking tools and put them in a dry area to prevent mold from growing on them because of wetness. Maintaining dryness of your tools is important for them to stay clean and germ-free.
Follow these simple and easy tips and you wouldn’t have to worry about your baking accessories ever again!