Massage Places in Singapore to Get A Relaxing Time

After a long tiring week, it is always good to visit a spa to have a good body massage. Those stiff muscles that needs some hard pushing can be taken care of in a good spa. A good spa day by yourself or with someone is a good way to spend your days off. Nothing beats a good bubble bath, aroma therapy and a best massage to spend you rest days. In Singapore, there are so many spas that offer massage for you to relax. Whether you are in a budget or looking for some high end massage, there are many places around Singapore that can cater you. Here are some suggested massage singapore places where you can get that anticipated relaxing time.

Aramsa Garden Spa
From their name itself, you would imagine that their spa is filled with lush greenery. They want their guests to have a one with nature experience but still have the privacy in their own room. The award winning spa promises to deliver an authentic experience that will lift up your body and mind. Aside from their massage, they also have in house salon and restaurants which will complete the whole body rejuvenation.

Healing Touch Spa
Healing Touch Spa is an award-winning spa that offers wide variety of massages. They are taking pride on multiple awards that they gathered throughout the years. Healing Touch promises to care for people, not only to their customers but to their staff and to the community as well. Aside from their massages, they are also offering facial and body care that can help you improve.

The Thai Spa
If you are looking for an authentic Thai massage in Singapore, then you should visit The Thai Spa. They promise to have their customers experience an authentic and traditional Thai massage rituals. If you have a partner, The Thai Spa specializes with couple massages. They also have room for couples. For your massage, they have highly experienced female masseur with high knowledge of all the massage techniques. And since they are promising an authentic Thai massage experience, their herbs and essential oils are exported from Thailand.

Ning Spa
With a tagline of “Dedicating to delivering a caring touch”, Ning Spa promises their clients a fusion of contemporary and oriental. Many of their reviews are saying that the staff is nice and friendly. If you want to relax and rejuvenate, they are offering body massage and foot treatment. As their name means peace and serenity when translated, they are offering the a first class treatment to all their customers.

GSpa integrates Chinese philosophies of health into today’s modern lifestyle to achieve the mind-body balance. GSpa promises that their place is where you’d go if you want to heal, relax and rejuvenate. They offer wide variety of treatments especially for their massages. You can choose from their massage options, depending on the intensity you prefer.

As mentioned earlier, there are so many spas around Singapore that offers wide variety of massages. It will boil down to your preference on how you would want to spend your day at the spa. Whether it is just for massage for a whole body rejuvenating treatment, you could always go to spas for a relaxing day.